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Don’t go down the short sale road alone. The attorneys at Wilde Law Firm, PLLC have the experience and familiarity with short sales necessary to not only get you a short sale approval, but also get you that approval quickly. At our firm we facilitate short sales with lenders and servicers, and we zealously seek short sale approvals. We don’t handle foreclosure defense litigation, we don’t work on loan modifications, and we don’t file bankruptcies. We practice short sale facilitation exclusively at our office, which means your short sale is our priority. Put the Wilde Law Firm, PLLC’s experience on your side today.

We Make Getting Your Short Sale Easy

How does hiring an experienced short sale law firm make attaining your short sale easier? While banks and mortgage note holders are now more willing to accept short sale offers, getting a short sale approved is a process with many steps, requirements and possible pitfalls. The attorneys at Wilde Law Firm, PLLC are experienced and confident with the short sale process. Our law firm concentrates solely on short sales and we are dedicated to using our experience to help you the real estate agent focus on selling real estate and avoid the possible liabilities associated with the short sale process. Please click below for further information about how Wilde Law Firm’s attorneys can help you navigate through your short sale today.

How You Can Easily Avoid Foreclosure

When a foreclosure process has begun, time is of the essence. It is important for property owners to decide quickly what course of action they will take to make sure their rights and interests are protected and their goals are attained before a foreclosure sale is completed. While there are many directions a property owner may go when faced with a mortgage foreclosure, a short sale in many cases is an individual’s best option, and the option most likely to also be deemed favorable by a future lender. Please read further to learn of different options you have if you are faced with foreclosure.

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What Agents Say About Our Services

I was very pleased with the information provided to me by Mr. Steve Wilde; Mr. Wilde was very helpful and pleasant to talk with. I was surprised to receive a “thank you” note from the law firm, I cannot remember ever receiving a note of thanks for a closing. When the market was good I have had as many as twenty to twenty five (20-25) closings in one month.

Diane Eller Oak Island Reality, Inc. June 24, 2015