About Us

Mission Statement

Wilde Law Firm, PLLC is a team of short sale lawyers and staff located in Asheville, North Carolina.  We proudly serve real estate agents, buyers and sellers throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and other states on a case-by-case basis.  Our law firm exclusively concentrates its practice of law on short sales.


Wilde Law Firm, PLLC seeks to aid real estate agents and real property sellers and buyers in the facilitation of real estate short sales. The attorneys and staff at Wilde Law Firm, PLLC are committed to using their experience and familiarity with the short sale process to attain short sale approvals for its clients in an expeditious manner. We strive to form lasting relationships with agents and to perform services for them in an ethical and diligent manner. We take on the challenges of negotiating loan workouts with lenders and servicers so that we may help protect real estate agents avoid the possible liabilities associated with short sale facilitation.

Firm History

The Wilde Law Firm, PLLC has been serving agents through the facilitation of short sales from its Asheville, North Carolina location since 2009. The firm’s founding attorney Steve Wilde has been licensed as an Attorney for over seventeen years, and holds licenses to practice law in North Carolina and California. Steve gained extensive experience with real estate law during his time serving as a real estate closings lawyer, and gained exposure and experience with short sales as an investor. Steve’s experience with short sales as an investor has given Wilde Law Firm, PLLC the foundation necessary to make our office the preeminent short sale law firm in North Carolina and South Carolina.

The firm began with Steve working as a solo lawyer with two staff members. As the firm grew in recognition, attorney Sam Iden was added to assist with the legal practice in 2010. Wilde Law Firm, PLLC continues to exclusively concentrate its practice of law on the facilitation of short sales.

Steve offers short sale workshops for real estate agents and their offices throughout the states of North Carolina and South Carolina. While Steve has dedicated his time to educating and serving agents, Sam has become one of the country’s most experienced and effective short sale negotiators. Both attorneys continue to gain extensive experience facilitating short sales and pursuing short sale approvals in an ethical and diligent manner for all the files in their case load.

Paralegal Jodi Williams, our Closing Specialist, joined us in 2012 and easily manages the many components of a short sale with ease and expertise.

Raven Sinclaire has been managing events and occasional outreach projects since 2011 and Evan Williams is our part time paralegal, assisting Sam with bank updates since 2016.

The staff of Wilde Law Firm, PLLC makes it the “go-to” law firm for handling short sales. We look forward to developing lasting relationships with real estate agents and real property buyers and sellers in North Carolina, South Carolina, and across the country with the continued growth of Wilde Law Firm, PLLC.