The simple answer is as soon as possible. I know that the Buyers don’t want to spend $350 for a home inspection before they know if the short sale will get approved. I get that, but lets analyze why it is better to get it done sooner rather than later: 1. Think “AS IS” contract….

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How does hiring an experienced short sale law firm make attaining your short sale easier? While banks and mortgage note holders are now more willing to accept short sale offers, getting a short sale approved is a process with many steps, requirements and possible pitfalls. The attorneys at Wilde Law Firm, PLLC are experienced and confident with the short sale process. Our law firm concentrates solely on short sales and we are dedicated to using our experience to help you the real estate agent focus on selling real estate and avoid the possible liabilities associated with the short sale process. Please click below for further information about the Attorney Short Sale Management Solution, and how Wilde Law Firm’s attorneys can help you navigate through your short sale today.